7 Easy Ways to Thank a Truck Driver

Oct 14, 2021 3:24:21 PM / Written by: Tiffney Lopez

We have what we need because a truck driver brought it to us. Starting September 12th through the 18th, we celebrate the men and women whose days are long, and nights are even longer. 

More than 80-percent of communities rely on truck drivers for their goods, according to American Trucking Associations. If having your daily necessities isn't enough reason, perhaps remembering the time they spend away from their families and friends is. 

Here are seven sure fire ways to show gratitude. 

Real Words. 

It a world of clicks, swipes, and scrolls, a hand-written thank you note stands out. It's important to be genuine... Appreciation comes from the heart, so should your note or card. 

Real Food. 

Truck drivers can tell you the best fast food places, because most of the time that's all they get. They deserve a special treat - have a cookout, bake a cake, pack a homemade lunch, or make their favorite dish. 

Real Talk. 

Pick up the phone, try video-chatting, or - even better - sit down and make eye-contact. Ask your driver how their day is going, where their favorite places to drive are, or what they love most about their job, and just listen. 

Real Money. 

If you employ a driver, give them a raise and/or a bonus. It's no secret truck drivers want competitive pay and benefits, as well as, a positive work environment and work-life balance. They deserve it. 

Real Connection. 

If your significant other or family member is a truck driver, spend some time with them. The older one gets, the more it's understood how valuable time is. Ask them what fond memories they have of childhood, what accomplishments they're proud of, or what they think the meaning of life might be. 

Real Fun. 

Everyone has a favorite place to go, thing to do, or person to see. Show your truck driver you care by doing something fun with him or her. There are a number of ways this can be done: dinner and a show, a long walk in the local park (take the dogs), plant a little garden, visit a farmer's market, or go to a concert. 

Real Resources. 

Does your driver need a new pair of work gloves, road atlas, emergency roadside kit, flashlight, warm bedding, off-duty clothes, etc.? Don't know the answer to this one? Refer to #3. 

HOS & Thank you


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