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What is double brokering in trucking?

Dec 27, 2022 1:15:46 PM / by Mike Riegel posted in FMCSA, Business Management, Shipper, New brokers


Double brokering can be a shady practice in the logistics industry that occurs when shipment gets hauled by an unauthorized carrier that was not originally intended to carry the load. There are many different instances that double brokering can happen.

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New Freight Brokers Formed by State in June 2022

Aug 8, 2022 2:18:52 PM / by Mike Riegel posted in New brokers


In June 2022 there were were 720 new freight brokers in business. The number of new broker companies was down 12.4% compared to May. Below is the list of which states gained the most brokers in June.

Brokers are the middlemen between a shipper and a carrier and helps get cargo moved without physically taking possession of the freight themselves. They are good for finding loads that need to be delivered.

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