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How to avoid truck scale fraud and make the most on every load.

What documents are required in a truck driver's DOT permit book?

How much do BIT Air Scales cost and what value do they bring fleets?

Shifting Gears: A Beginner's Guide to an 18-Speed Transmission

Understanding Runaway Trucks and the Role of Runaway Truck Ramps

How to change a tire on your semi truck and trailer

How to replace damaged air lines on your truck and trailer

How to Change an Air Bag on an Air Suspension for a Tractor Trailer

The Art of Tarping Loads: Safeguarding Your Cargo on Semi Trailers

Developing a preventative maintenance program for your trucking fleet

How to measure and maximize your trucking company's fleet utilization

What are frost laws and how do they affect the trucking industry?

How video telematics help insurers provide accurate quotes for CMVs

What are the minimum periodic inspection standards set by the FMCSA?

What does IRP mean in the transportation industry?

How does the FMCSA revoke ELDs and is your ELD provider at risk?

The bridge law formula and how to use it for truck and axle weights

Properly balancing your truck and trailer loads

Using geofences to improve your trucking company's fleet management

How much do different truck scale solutions cost?

How important is monitoring your truck's boost pressure?

How to manage a trucking fleet using video telematics with dashcams

What to know about the RP1226 diagnostic port

Preventing water from getting in the air lines of a truck and trailer

What is double brokering in trucking?

How to prevent a truck from rolling over

What are the FMCSA rules for tie downs and truck load securement?

What is coercion in the trucking industry?

DOT Violations Issued to bulk haulers by state in 2022

The Level 1 DOT Inspection Procedure

DTC codes, fault codes, and why your truck's check engine light is on

What are the 8 DOT inspection levels

A Guide to the ELD Short Haul Exemption

Never search for truck scales near me again

How to work with cheap freight and low spot rates

What is a Logbook?

Adjusting Truck Weight by Sliding the 5th Wheel or Trailer Tandem Axle

5 Mistakes that put New Carriers Out of Business

Overweight Violations Issued by State in 2022

The Truck Crash Indicator BASIC

What do Weigh-in-Motion Scale Systems Mean for Trucking Enforcement?

What are the ELD Malfunctions and Data Diagnostic Events?

What is the Agricultural (ag) exemption for hours of service?

The Hazardous Materials BASIC

The Controlled Substance and Alcohol BASIC

The Driver Fitness Violations BASIC

What to do during an ELD malfunction

The Unsafe Driving Violations BASIC

The Hours of Service Violations Basic

The Vehicle Maintenance Violations Basic

4 different ways that you can scale trucks to get your weight

What You Need to Know About Obtaining an Overweight Permit

List of Trucking Companies Started in September 2022

How to Read Truck Weights Using a Pressure Gauge on Air Suspensions

Everything About the ELD Mandate and ELD Exemptions

DOT Violations Issued by State in September 2022

What can you edit with an ELD?

What are the 7 FMCSA BASICs used to calculate CSA scores?

Blue Ink Tech becomes a truck scale supplier on

What to look for before buying an onboard truck scale system

What is Personal Conveyance and How Far Can You Drive On It?

What are the ELD requirements?

7 ways to extend the life of your fleet vehicles

8 Ways to Lower your Commercial Truck Insurance Rate

FMCSA announces $80M to go toward safety grants

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week: Special Deals for Truckers!

Do Gas Tax Holidays Really Help?

5 ways to boost driver retention: beat the truck driver turnover rate

What you need to know about green logistics

New Freight Brokers Formed by State in June 2022

New Trucking Companies Formed by State in June 2022

What can you expect during a DOT audit

What is a CSA score and how is it calculated?

How Overloaded Trucks Cost More in Diesel Fuel

Top 7 Violations Issued for November 2021

Using just ELD apps does not mean you are ELD compliant

The Importance of Air Compressor Maintenance

Is your 3G ELD about to be obsolete?

How to choose a great ELD provider

7 Easy Ways to Thank a Truck Driver

How to determine taxable miles and calculate IFTA tax.

Getting the Most out of Your ELD Provider

What is a DVIR in trucking and why is it so important?

How to Calculate Your Trucking Cycle Recap Hours

How do Sleeper Berth Splits Work?

Keeping your Permit Book Electronically

What is the DOT's Hours of Service (HOS) and how does it affect ELDs?

3 Rules for Adverse Conditions

The Real Problems with ELDs

Using the FMCSA's DataQ to dispute DOT violations

How ELDs Can Benefit the Exempt

Helping Drivers Adopt New Technology

Holding Shippers Accountable for Coercion when Overloading Your Truck

What to do When a Shipper Overloads Your Truck

Overloaded at a Weigh Station: What's the Next Step?

Vehicle Maintenance Issues that Generate DOT Fines

7 Qualities of a Great Fleet Manager

What Does an Overloaded Truck Cost Carriers?

Fleet Management is the Future of Trucking

Respecting Drivers' Needs Could Lower Turnover

Tips to Maximize Your Trucks Fuel Economy

Can ELDs help companies stay in business?

5 Ways Being Overloaded Cost Drivers

Tire Related Violations Issued by State in 2018

Think Twice About Tire Thumpers

What are the issues with ELDs?

The True Cost of Being Overloaded

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