Top 7 Violations Issued for November 2021

Dec 13, 2021 1:16:42 PM / by Mike Riegel

The month of November saw a surprising reduction of overall violations issued for the year. There were a total of 184,381 violations issued for November 2021 which is 79% below the monthly average of 863,707 violations issued for the entire year of 2021. This is also a big drop in violations issued for the same time last year which came in at 825,155 violations issued. 

With the supply chain issues facing the country it is possible that DOT is being more lenient on enforcement to allow the backlog of supples to get through the supply chain and too distributors.

Here were the top 7 violations that were issued for the month of November 2021.

1. Inoperable Required Lamp (12,912 violations)

2. Operating a CMV without proof of a periodic inspection (6,071 violations)

3. No/discharged/unsecured fire extinguisher (5,781 violations)

4. Inoperative turn signal (4,898 violations)

5. Tire-flat and/or audible air leak (4,819 violations)

6. Clamp or Roto type brake out-of-adjustment (4,689 violations)

7. Inspection repair and maintenance of parts & accessories (4,413 violations


Many of November's violations seem to be based around issues that come from a driver's daily vehicle inspection report. Since burned out lights are the easiest infractions to spot this could be the start of inspections that lead to multiple other violations while at roadside.  Drivers should be aware about keeping DVIR's or pre-trip inspections before going out on trips to avoid these situations that enforcement are writing violations against. 

Using free trucking apps for DVIR's or trying one of the many of ELD apps on the market can help avoid these violations and help keep the wheels turning.

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Mike Riegel

Written by Mike Riegel