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The Importance of Air Compressor Maintenance

Nov 11, 2021 7:59:01 AM / by Tiffney Lopez posted in BIT Air Scale, Blue Ink Technology, Maintenance


Carl noticed something after he got a set of Air Scale on his truck. His readings were inaccurate and then, eventually, both Air Scale stopped working. 

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How ELDs Can Benefit the Exempt

Aug 17, 2021 11:15:13 AM / by Tiffney Lopez posted in Blue Ink Technology, ELDs, Saving, Business Management, IFTA


John hauls corn and soybeans and can't imagine doing anything else. Although the work is tedious and exhausting, he's motivated to find something for his company that will help streamline some of the work so he and his team can be more productive. 

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5 Ways Being Overloaded Cost Drivers

Jul 23, 2019 10:25:16 AM / by Mike Riegel posted in Air Scale, Overloaded, Scale ticket, BIT Air Scale, Blue Ink Tech, Blue Ink Technology, Gross vehicle weight, Truck Scale, Fines, Trucking, Owner Operator


If you have been driving a truck for any amount of time then you have probably found yourself overloaded at some point. Shippers are moving more cargo faster than ever and many times it is the driver that has to deal with the consequences. With weight limits and road restrictions it's hard for drivers to know how much they are actually hauling. Trying to figure out how much a truck weighs is a job itself. Mechanical pressure gauges read different from trailer to trailer and trying to remember calibrations is almost impossible. If a driver finds out they are overweight the whole day can be wasted trying to fix the issue. Below are some of the cost that are hidden when being overloaded.

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Think Twice About Tire Thumpers

Apr 3, 2019 12:29:33 PM / by Brock Nicholson posted in Tires, TPMS, Blue Ink Tech, Blue Ink Technology, Tire Pressure Monitoring, BIT TPMS, Tire Thumpers

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When I was a kid, like a lot of other little boys, I loved Hot Wheels. I would play with those little cars for hours, ramping them off stuff, making little motor noises, and sliding them around doing impossible turns. I remember one day coming downstairs and excitedly telling my dad that we should get wheels like Hot Wheels had. My dad’s pickup had suffered a blowout a few days before, and he was in a bad mood about it. I thought we could get solid plastic wheels, and solve the problem forever. After all, my Hot Wheels never got flat tires.

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What are the issues with ELDs?

Mar 22, 2019 1:36:23 PM / by Brock Nicholson posted in Blue Ink Tech, Blue Ink Technology, Electronic logging device, ELDs, Logbook, Trucking, Fleet


A lot of people really hate ELDs. If you’re a driver, a dispatcher, or an administrator, that’s not news to you. Not everyone hates them, of course. A recent survey reported by FleetOwner found an industry split on whether ELDs are good or bad. 47% of respondents said yes, they’re good for the industry, 38% said no, and the remaining 15% were unsure.

So, what are some of the reasons for the hate, and how do they look after a full year of the mandate enforcement? Some drivers would tell you it’s about privacy. Others would tell you they just don’t want to deal with a computer in their truck. But for most drivers, at least the ones I’ve talked to, the issue seems to come down to how ELDs impact time management.

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