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What are the ELD requirements?

Oct 10, 2022 10:14:46 AM / by Mike Riegel posted in ELDs, Logbook, DOT, Hours of Service


ELDs or "electronic logging devices" are devices that are required for most commercial motor vehicle drivers to keep their records of duty status (RODS) electronically for their hours-of-service (HOS) logbooks. The FMCSA published the ELD mandate back in December 2017 with strict guidelines on how electronic logging devices have operate in order to be certified for industry use. This guide will help you understand what ELD providers must do under the ELD mandate to be compliant with the FMCSA.

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Using just ELD apps does not mean you are ELD compliant

Nov 30, 2021 8:22:36 AM / by Mike Riegel posted in ELDs, Logbook, Hours of Service


At Blue Ink Tech we talk to thousands of carriers and drivers about their needs to help run a better business. One situation that comes up frequently in discussions is the use of ELD apps for their logbooks without a connected device to retrieve data from the vehicle.

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Fleet Management is the Future of Trucking

Jul 8, 2021 3:31:28 PM / by Tiffney Lopez posted in Truck Scale, ELDs, Logbook, FMCSA, Business Management, IFTA, CDL


With the trucking industry projected to grow through the rest of the decade1, so will the need for secure and easy ways to manage them. 

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What are the issues with ELDs?

Mar 22, 2019 1:36:23 PM / by Brock Nicholson posted in Blue Ink Tech, ELDs, Logbook, Trucking, Fleet


A lot of people really hate ELDs. If you’re a driver, a dispatcher, or an administrator, that’s not news to you. Not everyone hates them, of course. A recent survey reported by FleetOwner found an industry split on whether ELDs are good or bad. 47% of respondents said yes, they’re good for the industry, 38% said no, and the remaining 15% were unsure.

So, what are some of the reasons for the hate, and how do they look after a full year of the mandate enforcement? Some drivers would tell you it’s about privacy. Others would tell you they just don’t want to deal with a computer in their truck. But for most drivers, at least the ones I’ve talked to, the issue seems to come down to how ELDs impact time management.

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