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Is your 3G ELD about to be obsolete?

Nov 1, 2021 8:20:46 PM / by Tiffney Lopez posted in ELDs, trucking, FMCSA


As the trucking industry continues to change and develop with the best of technology, the old and antiquated is simply unneeded. It’s time to say goodbye to 3G networks. Mobile carriers announced devices using the 3G networks will be out of service and, now, more improved networks will now be used, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

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Simple Steps to Switching ELD Providers

Oct 26, 2021 11:36:44 AM / by Tiffney Lopez posted in ELDs, business management, DataQ, HOS


There isn't much worse than not getting value out of something you've paid for and are required by law to have. When the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate was implemented it left truck drivers with few options and even fewer ways to deal with it. Selecting the wrong ELD provider is one of the main problems with ELD.

An ELD provider should keep the driver's best interest a priority. Those priorities include making sure their ELD is easy-to-use, there's a knowledgeable support team ready for any questions they have, and there are no hidden or extra costs to any services provided.  

There are a number of reasons carriers and drivers are ready to switch ELD providers. Some of those top stresses include:

1. Equipment malfunctions and failures

2. Poor customer service

3. Costly and lengthy contracts

So what should you do when you’re ready to drop your provider and get a better one?

First things first, plan ahead at least 60-90 days. You want to make sure that you have plenty of time to vet new ELDs before you existing contact is going to end so you can easily make the transition.

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The Importance of the Daily Vehicle Inspection Record

Oct 1, 2021 8:10:14 AM / by Tiffney Lopez posted in ELDs


The Daily Vehicle Inspection Record is done each day that a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) is in use. The driver of that vehicle does this to ensure the safety of the truck before it hits the road.

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Using the sleeper split to get more miles out of your 14 hours

Sep 17, 2021 11:21:43 AM / by Tiffney Lopez posted in ELDs, sleeper berth, HOS


Rob began driving a truck a few years ago, after the ELD mandate started. He hauls general freight and is very good about keeping up with his Hours of Service. But after the updated Hours of Service rules in 2020, he got a little bit confused on how he could use his sleeper berth split.

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Hours of Service Explained

Sep 2, 2021 10:29:08 AM / by Tiffney Lopez posted in ELDs, FMCSA, Hours of Service


Truck drivers have a certain amount of time they are allowed to be behind the wheel. With the ELD mandate in effect the problems with ELDs are their enforcement of Hours of Service laws.

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The Real Problems with ELDs

Aug 25, 2021 9:28:42 AM / by Tiffney Lopez posted in ELDs


After years of slow implementation, the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate by the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) started strict enforcement April 20181.

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Using DataQ to Correct Inaccurate DOT Citations

Aug 23, 2021 1:50:28 PM / by Tiffney Lopez posted in ELDs, fines, FMCSA, DOT, DataQ


Dave was recently pulled over by an officer with the Department of Transportation (DOT). After the officer completed his inspection, Dave noticed the data on his inspection report was different than the paper version.

Dave at first thought this was one of the problems with ELDs. What stuck out the most is he saw his Hours of Service were recorded accurately on his ELD, but on the report it says Dave violated his HOS by not taking a 30-minute break... The officer was enforcing a rule that has since been changed.

Thankfully, Dave keeps documentation of everything and can easily refute the violation and submit it supporting data.

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How ELDs Can Benefit the Exempt

Aug 17, 2021 11:15:13 AM / by Tiffney Lopez posted in Blue Ink Technology, ELDs, Saving, business management, IFTA


John hauls corn and soybeans and can't imagine doing anything else. Although the work is tedious and exhausting, he's motivated to find something for his company that will help streamline some of the work so he and his team can be more productive. 

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Worry-Free Fleet Management is the Future of Trucking

Jul 8, 2021 3:31:28 PM / by Tiffney Lopez posted in truck scale, ELDs, logbook, FMCSA, business management, IFTA, CDL


With the trucking industry projected to grow through the rest of the decade1, so will the need for secure and easy ways to manage them. 

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Why People Hate ELDs

Mar 22, 2019 1:36:23 PM / by Brock Nicholson posted in Blue Ink Tech, Blue Ink Technology, ELD, Electronic logging device, ELDs, logbook, trucking, fleet


A lot of people really hate ELDs. If you’re a driver, a dispatcher, or an administrator, that’s not news to you. Not everyone hates them, of course. A recent survey reported by FleetOwner found an industry split on whether ELDs are good or bad. 47% of respondents said yes, they’re good for the industry, 38% said no, and the remaining 15% were unsure.

So, what are some of the reasons for the hate, and how do they look after a full year of the mandate enforcement? Some drivers would tell you it’s about privacy. Others would tell you they just don’t want to deal with a computer in their truck. But for most drivers, at least the ones I’ve talked to, the issue seems to come down to how ELDs impact time management.

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