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Top 7 Violations Issued for November 2021

Dec 13, 2021 1:16:42 PM / by Mike Riegel posted in Tires, safety, fines

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The month of November saw a surprising reduction of overall violations issued for the year. There were a total of 184,381 violations issued for November 2021 which is 79% below the monthly average of 863,707 violations issued for the entire year of 2021. This is also a big drop in violations issued for the same time last year which came in at 825,155 violations issued. 

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Using DataQ to Correct Inaccurate DOT Citations

Aug 23, 2021 1:50:28 PM / by Tiffney Lopez posted in ELDs, fines, FMCSA, DOT, DataQ


Dave was recently pulled over by an officer with the Department of Transportation (DOT). After the officer completed his inspection, Dave noticed the data on his inspection report was different than the paper version.

Dave at first thought this was one of the problems with ELDs. What stuck out the most is he saw his Hours of Service were recorded accurately on his ELD, but on the report it says Dave violated his HOS by not taking a 30-minute break... The officer was enforcing a rule that has since been changed.

Thankfully, Dave keeps documentation of everything and can easily refute the violation and submit it supporting data.

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The Cost of an Improperly Loaded Truck

Jul 15, 2021 11:02:49 AM / by Tiffney Lopez posted in Air Scale, Overloaded, Overweight ticket, truck scale, fines, Maintenance, FMCSA


Drive your business to success: What to know before you take your next load.

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5 Ways Being Overloaded Cost Drivers

Jul 23, 2019 10:25:16 AM / by Mike Riegel posted in Air Scale, Overloaded, Scale ticket, BIT Air Scale, Blue Ink Tech, Blue Ink Technology, Gross vehicle weight, truck scale, fines, trucking, owner operator


If you have been driving a truck for any amount of time then you have probably found yourself overloaded at some point. Shippers are moving more cargo faster than ever and many times it is the driver that has to deal with the consequences. With weight limits and road restrictions it's hard for drivers to know how much they are actually hauling. Trying to figure out how much a truck weighs is a job itself. Mechanical pressure gauges read different from trailer to trailer and trying to remember calibrations is almost impossible. If a driver finds out they are overweight the whole day can be wasted trying to fix the issue. Below are some of the cost that are hidden when being overloaded.

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